The Multicultural Development Institute, Inc. (MCDI) provides technical assistance, training, workshops, speaking engagements, message development, workforce solutions for staff, managers and executives and expert content on cultural and linguistic responsiveness and on health disparities.

MCDI’s services are tailored to assist organizations meet regulatory standards, clinical requirements, improve services or become disruptive innovators in their field, work towards eliminating health disparities and achieving health equity.

The Multicultural Development Institute can help businesses thrive by being ahead of the competition in their work to eliminate health disparities, achieve health equity and properly implement social and racial justice policies and practices in order to help all individuals achieve physical and mental wellness.


Black lives matter.

The Multicultural Development Institute, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating racial and social injustice and promoting an ongoing process of healing and reconciliation to dismantle racism. This commitment is rooted in the belief that all members of our community are valued and needed to further the human rights and social justice mission of our organization. We are allies in the struggle for fundamental racial, social and economic justice in this country, especially as it relates to health and healthcare. We commit to being Anti-Racists and to fight against rules, laws and policies to the contrary.

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